Frequently Asked Questions

Authenticity & Rules

What are Rudraksha?

Rudraksha are seeds, found in the fruit of the Rudraksha tree, Elaeocarpus ganitrus. These trees usually grow at high altititudes, in countries like Nepal, Indonesia, & India. Each Rudraksha is unique, with variations in size, shape, colour and number of mukhi (faces). They are highly valued for their benefits, with each type offering a different advantage to the owner (E.g.: Physical well-being, mental clarity, wealth).

How can I check if a Rudraksha is real?

Microscopic observation, using a lens, is the most practical and accurate, to view the minute fragments and particles of the natural seed.

Fakes made with a mold are smooth, without imperfections or particles. Hand-carved lines & glued-together beads can also be identified. Even x-rays cannot identify glued beads as the seed count will tally, so a lot of the glued higher faces will include x-ray certification.

Get your beads from a trusted source, as for every real bead, there are 3-4 fakes in the market and authentication can be very challenging.

Read our detailed article:
[Don't Get Duped: Verify Genuine Rudraksha using these Foolproof Ways].

How do I check how many mukhi / faces a Rudraksha has?

Each vertical line (from top to bottom) on the bead is called 1 face / mukhi / mugam / eye, and represents an internal seed (E.g.: A 5 face bead has 5 seeds).

Rudraksha benefits differ based on the seed count.

Are there any rules to follow?

Although some guidelines may circulate online, man-made rules cannot govern a natural seed. One of the only seeds with a natural hole, this signifies that it is meant to be worn by us.

Ignore the constantly-changing guidance, do whatever makes you happy, and practise gratitude. Your Rudraksha will guide you and work wonders in your life.

Can anyone own Rudraksha?

Rudraksha are natural blessings, and do not discriminate.
✅ Both men and women can wear them at all times
✅ Children under 18years should begin with the 4-5-6 combination
✅ Since they are naturally powerful seeds, they can be owned by all, regardless of culture and religion

What Rudraksha can I own?

Any face can be owned by anyone - other than the one face, which has immense power and should only be owned if it is compatible or a part of powerful sets like the Indrakshi. Calculations are also done for the Kubera (21-29 face), to identify the most suitable one for each person.

Nature & Power

What is the Rudraksha’s natural colour?

They are typically light to dark brown. Artificial colouring is common, but should be avoided as the dye will cover the medicinal particles on the bead.

Get your beads from a trusted source, as differentiating natural and coloured Rudraksha can be challenging.

Where do Rudraksha come from?

They mainly come from Nepal, Indonesia and India. Their appearance varies; Nepalese beads are highly sought-after for their large size, well-defined faces and majestic appearance. Indonesian beads tend to be smaller and may thus be more comfortable for wearing.

What determines the power of a Rudraksha?

This depends on the number of faces on the bead (Each face represents 1 internal seed). The size, origin and colour are irrelevant. Choose based on personal connection and attraction, for the best result.

Are Rudraksha backed by science?

Research shows that Rudraksha have electromagnetic properties, creating positive changes in the body's bioelectric field. Each face has unique electromagnetic properties and targets different energy centers in the body, thereby offering unique benefits.

How do I choose the right Rudraksha for my needs?

If you are here, you most likely would have experienced some sort of calling and the Rudraksha has already chosen you, even if you are unaware. Each person's situation is unique and thus, the Rudraksha required will be unique. People often choose according to their Zodiac / Rasi Nakshatra, objectives, problems, etc. Let your intuition work, and analyse what you feel will be best for you.

Not sure which Rudraksha are best for your specific needs?

If you are still unsure, get personalised recommendations now.

When will I see a change?

This depends on the strength of your connection. Some will naturally connect with their beads quickly, while others take longer. Based on our past clients, you should see a noticeable change within a week to a month.

To better connect with your beads, practise gratitude daily and thank your Rudraksha for the changes you see, no matter how small. Mantra meditation can also strengthen connection, but this is optional.

Will I see any side-effects?

All faces can be used without issues, apart from the powerful 1 face that is only suitable for some. Rarely, temporary minor side-effects (E.g.: Headache) may arise, but subside once the connection is formed.

Usage & Maintenance

Can I use my Rudraksha immediately?

Your new Rudraksha may be worn immediately. While some pray or wait for an auspicious time, this is optional.

Must I wear my Rudraksha?

You may choose to wear or keep it. Wearing is better for health benefits and a stronger connection. However, keeping it will still help with all other goals, like wealth creation and protection.

How should I wear my Rudraksha?

✅ Pendants, necklaces & bracelets will yield the same result. Wearing around the neck might be more discrete and unobstructive to daily life.
✅ For bracelets, either hand is fine.
✅ The string or metal holding the beads does not impact the power.
✅ They can be worn with crystals, woods, amulets, etc. without clash.

When can I wear my Rudraksha?

You may wear your Rudraksha constantly, and remove it as required.
✅ Shower/washing (Enhanced diffusion of the bead’s properties)
❌ Avoid harsh chemicals. Also, water shortens the string’s lifespan.
❌ Avoid bringing it into the ocean as you may lose your Rudraksha.

✅ Sleep (Health benefits and restful sleep)
✅ Funerals (Certain faces protect the wearer)

Must I maintain my Rudraksha?

✅ Oiling: If your Rudraksha is not worn, occasional oiling prevents cracking, etc. You may use our proprietary oil or any natural oil.
✅ Cleansing / Energisation: They are cleansed or energised when exposed to rainwater or sunlight, respectively. Avoid cleansing in a singing bowl once used, as this will break the connection.
If properly cared for, these beads can last for generations.

Why has my Rudraksha changed colour?

Your beads will darken as the connection strengthens. Rarely, they may develop a white coating (To remove, brush gently under running water).

Can I share / give my Rudraksha to others?

Avoid this as they are connected to you; you may gift new Rudraksha.

Shivaya Bless Rudraksha

Do you ethically source your Rudraksha?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on sourcing only completely natural Rudraksha from reputable farms. Unlike some providers, we personally visit these farms every season to ensure that the trees are grown naturally without manipulation.

Inevitably, with the rising demand for Rudraksha in recent years due to increased awareness, genetically modified seeds and chemicals are used in certain farms to artificially boost production and yield. However, this results in dire consequences:

  • The natural properties of the beads are altered.
  • The sacred Rudraksha trees are harmed.
  • The delicate balance of the environment is disrupted.

That's why we are committed to supporting local traditional farmers by ensuring fair compensation and safe working conditions for them. This dedication to authenticity and ethical sourcing guarantees that you receive genuine, high-energy Rudraksha beads that retain their natural properties.

Do you offer customisation options for Rudraksha beads?

Yes, we create custom combinations and designs upon request. Please reach out to Mr Arumugam on Whatsapp at +65 9457 6084 for enquiries.

Do you really send only high-quality Rudraksha for online orders?

The fear of receiving low-quality beads when ordering online is common, and rightfully so. Most sellers purchase in bulk for lower unit costs. However, the quality will be inconsistent, and a significant portion will be of a lower quality. It is then very easy for them to get rid of this bad stock through online orders.

What makes Shivaya Bless different?

At Shivaya Bless, we go directly to remote farms to meticulously handpick our stock. By being among the first to arrive each season, we get the first pick of the best Rudraksha available. Anything that doesn't meet out standards is ignored. Thus, our customers can rest assured that they will receive beautiful, robust beads when ordering online, as we only stock high-quality beads.

Additionally, you may request for photos of your specific item on Whatsapp. We are also able to send photos of a few options for you to choose your favourite.

Do you allow visits to your Showroom to see the Rudraksha in person?

Of course! We warmly welcome you to visit our showroom and explore our vast collections of powerful Rudraksha. Many of our visitors have shared how they immediately feel the positive energy and uplifting vibes upon entering our space. It's truly a special experience that we are proud to provide.

Please make an appointment so that we may offer you our undivided attention.

Do you offer bulk purchase discounts?

Yes, we do! Click the links below to learn about our bulk ordering services: