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Events & Functions

Looking for a meaningful gift to distribute during your event? Rudraksha beads, with their natural beauty and strong significance, may be the answer. Whether you are preparing for a wedding, organising a corporate event, celebrating a festival, or hosting any other special occasion, our curated collection of Rudraksha presents an excellent way to gift and celebrate. Gifting Rudraksha is considered a thoughtful gesture that leaves a lasting impact long after the function is over.

Shivaya Bless Rudraksha

With a mission to spread Rudraksha usage and introduce its blessings to all, Shivaya Bless would love to be a part of your celebrations! We provide Rudraksha gifts in neat individual packets, so they may be distributed immediately and conveniently. Tiered discounts will be provided based on your total order - please get in touch with us for a quote. You may also request for customisation and samples; we will do our best to meet your requests on a case-to-case basis.

Why do people gift Rudraksha during special occasions?

Apart from Rudraksha being meaningful long-term gifts, one may have specific reasons, depending on the occasion:

  • Weddings: Gifting Rudraksha is seen as a way to seek blessings and divine grace for both the couple and the guests during this important event. It is aimed at cultivating auspicious beginnings.
  • Corporate events: The act of gifting Rudraksha during corporate events transcends conventional gifting. They are well-known for their ability to reduce stress and improve concentration. In a high-pressure corporate setting, this symbolises well wishes and genuine concern for employees. Moreover, certain faces are specifically for career success.
  • Neck Pendant

  • House Hanger

  • Lingam

  • Car Hanger

  • Keychain

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