About Us

About Shivaya Bless Rudraksha

About Us

Welcome to Shivaya Bless, the leading Rudraksha provider in South East Asia. Our main headquarters is located in Singapore, but our reach is global. Having curated countless exhibitions worldwide, we have showcased our offerings in countries like Thailand, Japan and the United Arab Emirates. Our extensive on-the-ground experience enables personal interactions with our numerous returning clients, which contributes to our ongoing research and helps us finetune our ever-growing understanding of the significance and benefits of each type of Rudraksha. This specialised knowledge ensures optimal results and complete satisfaction when we make recommendations to suit each client's unique needs.

Our Story

"Our journey began when I chanced upon some beautiful Rudraksha trees during my travels, and I felt drawn towards their power and serenity. The feeling could only be described as a calling, and I felt that I had discovered my life's purpose. I dropped everything and immersed myself in the study of all-things Rudraksha. I learnt how these precious seeds were revered in the ancient texts, and the power they hold. Armed with this knowledge, I established Shivaya Bless Rudraksha.

Initially, we observed that many companies pushed Nepalese beads, which are commercialised and more expensive, by claiming that they are the most powerful. In actual fact, beads of any origin hold the same power, and only the number of faces and internal seeds matters. We offer beads of all origins, and provide the necessary education for our clients to make informed decisions. Our integrity bred trust, and allowed us to quickly grow into the largest provider in the region.

We believe that Lord Shiva has chosen us, and is guiding us to deliver his blessings to all who seek this divine power. Particularly, the moment we acquired our 40+ face Rudraksha beads, we witnessed unprecedented levels of growth.

Due to the depth of our knowledge and expertise, we attract influential business leaders, spiritual leaders and gurus seeking advice and wisdom regarding Rudraksha. Additionally, we are now involved in wholesale too, supplying distributors, weddings, etc., due to the overwhelming success clients have experienced using our beads in particular.

Even after all these years, we focus on Rudraksha only, to channel 100% of our efforts towards spreading awareness and usage globally. Thank you for being a part of our story, and may the divine Rudraksha guide you on your own journey."

~ Annamali Arumugam (Founder)

Our Mission is to...

✅ educate people about the unique and vital benefits of each type of Rudraksha.

✅ debunk myths and misconceptions through rigorous research and evidence-based information.

✅ guide every client towards a full, happy life through highly personalised recommendations.

✅ ensure Rudraksha are accessible to all, as these beads were never meant to discriminate.

Our Vision is to...

✅ provide the highest quality of authentic Rudraksha at the most affordable prices, through direct sourcing.

✅ introduce rudraksha to, and positively impact, as many clients as possible.

✅ focus on exceptional customer service, both before and after purchase, to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

✅ establish ourselves as the leading Rudraksha provider globally, just as we have become the top provider in our region.

✅ continue conducting extensive research to deepen our understanding of Rudraksha and their transformative potential.

What Sets Us Apart

✅ Authentic & completely natural Rudraksha guaranteed - Natural colour, lines, etc.

✅ Largest collection in the region - All faces, origins and sizes

✅ Affordability - Direct sourcing to bring you better prices

✅ Superior quality - Our friendly relations with our farmers allow us to acquire the best pieces, before they are even shown to others

✅ Ethical sourcing - No genetically modified seeds / chemicals used, proper compensation and safe working conditions for farmers

✅ Integrity - We value business ethics and do not push sales or expensive products (Your Rudraksha chooses you)

✅ Extensive research and specialised in Rudraksha only - Our expertise ensures we make the right recommendations

✅ Proven client success - 500+ 5⭐ Google reviews

✅ Customisation to meet your needs

✅ Frequent pujas (Worship rituals) in the name of all our Rudraksha users, to ensure their wellbeing and success

✅ 24/7 customer service & support - Immediate response to messages / calls

✅ Worldwide exhibitions & shipping

Our Promise

Immensely grateful for the trust and support of our loyal customers, we promise the following:

✅ Authentic & completely natural Rudraksha

✅ High-quality, beautiful beads that have been meticulously picked out during direct sourcing.

✅ Satisfaction guaranteed, as we are 100% confident in the transformative power of our Rudraksha.

✅ Undivided attention provided to each client, to properly understand their situation.

✅ Lifetime customer service to ensure we exceed all expectations and the client is at peace.