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Google Review Summary

Exceeding expectations

We take great pride in the fact that ~98% of our clients award us 5-star reviews. This is only possible due to the following:

✅ Authentic, high-quality Rudraksha that produce real results at affordable prices

✅ Extensive knowledge and expertise

✅ Integrity and proper business ethics

✅ Impeccable 24/7 customer service and support

Official Google reviews

Being online shoppers ourselves, we know that unverified reviews on websites are less credible, as these can be easily manipulated - reviews can be cherrypicked, with only the positive ones shown and the rest hidden. This prompted us to only collect reviews on Google, the most trusted platform, where all reviews are verified then published. We hope this ensures your peace of mind when you shop with us, at Shivaya Bless.


What about other brands?

Below, we have highlighted some negative Google reviews from a few other popular Rudraksha providers, extracted from their Google profiles. We noticed that while the filtered reviews on their websites were all glowing recommendations, the unfiltered reviews on their Google platform were not as perfect. We recommend clients to look through a company's Google reviews too, as these cannot be manipulated and are verified by Google itself.

High-quality products (Online orders)

Rudraksha are natural seeds, so there will be variation in colour, size and shape. Able to be used for a lifetime, getting a beautiful piece may be important to you.

At Shivaya Bless, you may request for photos of your specific item via Whatsapp. We can also send photos of a few options for you to choose your favourite.

We know ordering online can be scary, but we value your trust and always send the best pieces available, to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our meticulous selection and quality control processes during direct sourcing also results in only beads of a high standard being represented.

*The pictured review is taken from other Rudraksha providers

Detailed explanations

Our rigorous research and on-the-ground experience have imparted us with extensive knowledge and expertise regarding Rudraksha. When making important life-altering purchases like Rudraksha, having the necessary knowledge is crucial. Thus, we provide detailed explanations, clear all doubts, and never rush, enabling clients to make an informed decision.

To offer our undivided attention, we attend to clients on an appointment-basis.

*The pictured review is taken from other Rudraksha providers

No-obligation, free consultations

One of our main goals is to educate and spread awareness about Rudraksha. To us, it does not matter whether you make a purchase. Simply sharing the vast knowledge and experiences we have accumulated over the years is enough. We never push sales, as we know that the Rudraksha chooses the owner.

*The pictured review is taken from other Rudraksha providers

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Excellent customer service

Customer service has always been our top priority, and we are open to contact 24/7. We offer lifelong customer support, both before and after purchase, to ensure all needs are met, and any questions are answered.

*The pictured review is taken from other Rudraksha providers

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