Donate Rudraksha

Supplying Rudraksha for Donations

As part of our founder, Mr Arumugam's, mission to "share the wonders of Rudraksha and make it accessible to all", Shivaya Bless Rudraksha wholeheartedly supports all Rudraksha donation efforts. We praise these initiatives to spread Shiva's blessings, and contribute ourselves by heavily discounting the prices of our Rudraksha to below the overall cost. The generosity of our clients never fails to amaze us, cementing our commitment to enhancing people's lives globally through Rudraksha.

Why do people donate Rudraksha?

Enhancing Their Own Rudraksha's Benefits

Blessing others with Rudraksha and introducing its blessings into new lives is an extremely effective way for people to deepen their personal connection with their own Rudraksha. As they enrich the lives of others, their Rudraksha will naturally grow in affection and be inclined to reciprocate with even greater blessings.

Improving Karma

  • Purification from negative karma: Donating Rudraksha is believed to cleanse the soul and grant forgiveness for past sins.
  • Promoting positive karma: It is believed that charitable deeds, like donating Rudraksha, bring positive outcomes in life.

Expressing Gratitude

For many, donating Rudraksha is a direct expression of gratitude for the life-changing transformations they have seen after owning their Rudraksha. They also believe this is the most effective way to bring about improvement in others' lives.

Seeking Blessings

People may donate Rudraksha to seek blessings and goodwill for significant events or moments in their life.

Improving Punya (Religious Merit)

For Hindus, donating spiritual items increases punya. Thus, offering Shiva's sacred Rudraksha is said to bring spiritual benefits.

Which Rudraksha should I donate?

We normally recommend donating 5 face (Panchmukhi) pendants:

  • The 5 face is the most common Rudraksha, and is thus the cheapest. You would be able to impact more lives within your budget, compared to donating more expensive Rudraksha. Just donating these basic beads is sufficient to bring about a great change in the receiver's life.
  • The 5 face is the most well-known Rudraksha, and all who receive the pendant as a blessing will be open to wearing it.

An alternative would be Rudraksha keychains, which are sometimes requested as well. If you would like to donate any other Rudraksha, please let us know - we are always happy to help!

Never donate used Rudraksha to others, as their effectiveness depends on personal connection. Used beads will be connected to the original owner.

Where can I donate Rudraksha?

Rudraksha are most commonly donated at temples, either to the devotees or the temple itself. However, you may also choose to donate to other causes (E.g.: Schools, Hospitals, NGOs, etc.). Please reach out to us to discuss your preferences.

Can I donate the Rudraksha personally or will you be donating in my name?

You may choose either option. If you would like to donate personally, we will provide you with the necessary Rudraksha. If you would prefer Shivaya Bless to handle the logistics, we can donate the Rudraksha in your name according to your desires. Please let us know your preferred option, and we will ensure the process is seamless and performed as per your wishes.

Will I receive the Rudraksha already packaged?

Yes, we will provide the Rudraksha in neat individual packets, so that they can be distributed immediately and conveniently.