Our Founder

Our Founder

Mr. Annamalai Arumugam

“From a young age, as is tradition, I wore an ordinary Rudraksha pendant. However, it was not until much later in life, during my travels, that I felt a profound calling to establish Shivaya Bless Rudraksha. The calling was so strong that I dropped everything and immersed myself in intensive research. I frequently travelled directly to farms worldwide to build relationships and locate the best quality Rudraksha at the most favourable prices. Guided by our Rudraksha and the blessings of the Gods, our journey has led us to become the top Rudraksha provider in the region, enriching numerous lives along the way.

Personally, once I embraced my Siddha bracelet, my life underwent a massive transformation. Business boomed, relationships flourished and prosperity flowed abundantly. Constantly filled with energy and positivity, I feel sharper than ever. As I often tell my clients, even if I were offered a million dollars, I would never part with my Siddha bracelet - that is the level of connection I have built with my Rudraksha. Do not just take it from me though; see what our loyal customers have to say about their own experiences.

Having witnessed countless blessings, I have dedicated myself to sharing the wonders of Rudraksha and making it accessible to all who seek its blessings. I hope you join us on this journey of growth, abundance and spirituality."

~ Mr. Annamalai Arumugam

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